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Trend vs. Tradition – The Standoff

With ‘Generation Z’ fast approaching the workplace all bright eyed and bushy tailed- office design has had to adapt accordingly with the new era of the technologically-advanced, mobile-savvy user.

Designing an office can prove quite the balancing act when incorporating practicality into an engaging workplace and mindfully maintaining a level of cost-effectiveness. This is where mobility comes into play, the more flexible the space is to allow for expansion, downsizing or relocation- the better.

Regarding aesthetic, a long standing favourite amongst designers is the concept of bringing the outside-in. drawing in natural elements to ‘blur the boundaries’. It has been a popular approach to office design and has shown to increase comfort and productivity in the workplace by providing a calming and relatable environment. Key aspects involve maximising the use of natural light, using warm hues and a spectrum of textured surfaces- People are visual and tactile, built it and they will get handsy.

Mobility and flexibility seem to be a reoccurring theme- Optimise to maximise. Employees are being made more mobile than ever before making versatile offices more common. The Traditional, hierarchical method of ‘allocating and boxing’ people away seems to be slowly diminishing- thankfully. We’re seeing more ‘offices away from the office’ scenarios which successfully are winning our affections and we predict this will continue to trend.

Finally, the not-so-small matter of Ergonomics. Ensuring ergonomics are considered in all aspects of design and furniture specification is paramount to any and every workplace, irrespective of size. In recent years, this has become more important to deliver comfort, promote good-posture and an environment which provides a good level of well-being to their employees- That’s what makes the World of Work go round after all.

Health- check
Pretty- check

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