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The future is Orangebox

Helo Cymru!

With an invitation in-hand and a promise of a guided tour, I travelled down in the eos500 to witness the wonders of Orangebox at their Cardiff-based Factory.

Practising what they so rightfully preach, the Orangebox factory is working proof that the concept of the evolving workplace, really does work. An impressively high percentage of the Orangebox products are produced onsite in the energetic production area of the Factory. Hi-Tec Laser cutters, rows of machinists and skilled upholsterers all work simultaneously, creating an impressive array of finished, quality controlled and packed products awaiting delivery.

Through another door, testing labs built to audit the durability of furniture which further led into a TOP SECRET product testing room littered with exciting new prototypes of everything I want, right now! Safe to say there are some great things on the horizon for the Orangebox portfolio.

Making our way round, I’m uncontrollably drawn-in by the multitude of colours radiating from the fabric wall- in my element. Colour, texture, and leather galore, I reluctantly pry myself away to learn more about the importance of pattern matching. Pattern matching is an essential element of the furniture making process and an additional service which Orangebox pride themselves. Pattern matching can make or break the product aesthetic. Word to the wise, Pattern Match- Tick!

A short list of my furniture favourites included; The ‘Point’ Stool, unbelievably comfortable ‘Avi’ Chair and the excitingly new ‘Network Landscapes’ range.

Looking forward to incorporating these treasures into future designs!

Until next time OB.

Hwyl fawr!




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