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Old, new, everything amidst.

‘eos Loves’ Series- Volume Five


Juxtaposition, a term which best describes the way Birmingham is evolving. The city is coming into its own with the groundbreaking redevelopment scheme sweeping the entire way through the Central gateway and breathing life into each quarter respectively.

Home of eos interiors, we sit comfortably in the quaint confines of the Jewellery quarter where we’re inspired daily by the bustle of construction, rejuvenating old buildings, building new and over laying- over and over.. and over some more.

Cityscapes become storytellers, tales where softscape meets hardscape and become masterpieces which unfold as you move closer, explore and peel back the years of defining architecture.
Never a better time to explore with our green-tinted spectacles.

Keep doing what you’re doing Birmingham, we like it!

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