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Meanwhile, at HermanMiller HQ..



Training day at the HQ, experiencing all things HermanMiller, the name, the brand, the legacy. The notion of ‘living offices’ and all the other curious and wonderful things associated.

A ‘living office’ is a productive office which provides its users with variety, comfort and the odd ‘cubby’ to get lost into on those not-so-sociable days, we all experience from time-to-time.

The tour provided an insight into space-planning possibilities, furniture compositions and creative opportunity- inspiration was easy to find and plentiful. Embracing their own ‘living office’ concept, the super-Economical, LEED Accredited shell is scattered tastefully with ‘Landing spots’, collaborative corners and height adjustable desks. Genius.

The various talks that filled the day were consistently enthusiastic, informative and interesting which made the learning process that little bit sweeter.

Until we meet again HermanMiller..


Sayl Chair in its natural Environment 2 3


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