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Making Interiors Work

Eos Insight – Volume One

Collectively we are Eos Interiors, as a team we pragmatically output; workable, realistic and cost effective concepts to satisfy workplace needs and mindfully design to meet expectation. Pragmatic design surrounds the ability to perform within parameters, an equally challenging and satisfying aspect of any given project.

Wolverhampton University, Hereford

Far from the ‘cubicle farm’ trends of the 1980’s, we believe in using creativity to form order, implement structure and delineate zones subtly.  In our approach, we allow space to be space, craft autonomous environments to promote productivity and unearth opportunity as opposed to simply ‘filling voids’. Following the rise of the ‘casual office’ in 2000 and the ongoing idealisation of the ‘Google’ office, we actively encourage organisations away from the corporate formalities and into the realm of modern office interiors where the boundaries between ‘work’ and ‘play’ are blurred- welcome newcomers to the ‘third space’.

NASUWT offices, Bury St Edmunds

Inclusive of needs and remaining a bespoke service, we’re actively expressing our regard for ‘great design’ by trusting in the process, utilising all available space, maintaining continuity and introducing organisations to new ways of working, in-line with the ‘casual office’ initiative and the evolution of the working environment.

Emerald Technology, Assay Studios, Birmingham

Interiors are intrinsic; they should work for us so we are better working for ourselves.


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