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Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week is an event held in the cutting-edge design district of London, Clerkenwell. The show attracts a variety of people from the D&B world to share in everything ‘Trend’.

The exhibition is an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase [show off], artists to express and the rest of us to explore new ways of being, designing and ultimately expand our social networks- creatives love a social.

Aside from practising the classic ‘table shake test’ and the soft-seating ‘sit test’ [you know, Just in case] Clerkenwell is the perfect opportunity to sit in on interesting discussions covering a variety of topics from; evolution of design, the effects of current affairs on the industry and rising trends in the workplace.

We will be showcasing our Design week highlights over the coming weeks as our EOS loves series continues.

Stay tuned!

Regards, eos.

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