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Bolon Beautiful

‘eos Loves’ Series- Volume One

Alas, a time to express recent innovations in interior flooring.

Today features a personal favourite, It’s called ‘Bolon’ and it was founded by Nils-Erik Eklund in Stockholm.

The romance began over 60 years ago with a simple recycled ‘rag rug’ idea which then spiralled continuously into an inspired vortex of ‘forward-thinking-ness’ to yield a beautifully woven fabric.

In 2003, Annica and Marie, heiresses of the Bolon empire, take charge. Design-led and evoking focus, they strive to enter the cutting-edge world of Design and Architecture by endlessly developing their product and company image. Today, with a comprehensive portfolio, extensive catalogue and an impressive 33% recycled end-product, Bolon continue to reaffirm their rightful place in our hearts.

Bolon, We salute you!


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