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We’re always told to think outside the box.

It’s jargon. It’s easy to come up with ideas that don’t add value. Our challenge is to be creative and inspirational while taking into account practical aspects like sustainability, timescales and budget. We don’t just think outside the box, we carefully design a better one to think in. Then we apply that thinking to every aspect of every project, without compromise

Eos Interiors was set up by Peter Leach and Lynne Hawkesworth. Both have over 25 years’ experience, delivering projects locally and nationally. We’re obsessed with quality. It’s in our DNA. We won’t settle for second best and neither will our clients. To sum it up: ‘That’ll do won’t do.’

We also choose our people carefully. We have a strong ethos and we think our staff reflect that. As well as choosing the right people, we continue to develop them with training and real experience, so they grow as we grow.

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